Contender Promotions is set to descend upon Dublin

contender Bell1Contender Promotions is set to descend upon Dublin, Ireland in search of new undiscovered fight talent on January 17th 2015. They fly over seas for their 2nd Fightstar Hunt and this time they will be hosted by Michael Paszowski by way of 309 Phuang Malai Gym.

Garry Bell made the following -statement…“We are looking to help top amateur and pro fighters who have not yet had the chance to make their name or had the opportunity to shine. I know we will find stars in Ireland as I believe fighters there are born not created. I would really like to discover a man mountain, heavyweight k-1 fighter with the same presence as Hong man chow, the devastation of Bob Sapp and the unprecedented ring control of Semmy Schilt. A real Game of Thrones style Spartan warrior that not only entertains but has the crowd on the edge of their seats before he has even commenced his punishment. Fight fans love the big larger than life characters and I believe we can find one there, if this is you then apply and discover your potential with Contender Promotions“. Bell has also stressed he is looking for fighters to take part in the 2nd 4 man world tournament on February 28th. The weight caption is 70kg max, in November Bell and his team invited 4 nations to compete with Reinaldo Santos of Angola walked away victorious. Santos secured his place in the World GP final to be held late 2015 alongside the next 3 winners of 2015 tournaments.

The HUNT is on apply now at

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