North America world 4 man GP tournament wins contract with contender promotions in uk


Dj Miller will come fight on Contender Promotions in the grand finial.

Contender Grand Prix K1 Finals

Round 1 — Damir lands a big leg kick right out of the gate. Miller with one of his own. Damir with another leg kick then a head kick. Miller fires a leg kick and a push kick, then Damir comes forward, pressing Miller and firing punches at the head. Miller is landing with more precision as the round progresses. Damir catches a leg kick and comes forward with a couple of rights, Miller lands a knee to the abdomen and they separate. Another knee to the body by Miller after he’s warned for clinching at the back of the head. Another exchange
of leg kicks and Damir’s echoes. Ten seconds. Damir blocks a leg kick but not a straight right to the head. They clinch up and are separated just before the round ends.

Round 2 — Damir with a couple of nice straight punches on counters to leg kicks by Miller. Another leg kick catches Damir low, and we’ve got a break in the action. Ruled an accidental foul. Glove touch as we resume and Miller immediately pressing the action, throwing a combo involving a leg kick, punches to the head and a knee to the sternum. Damir counter punching to remain very much in the fight. Another clinch and another knee to the body by Damir, who reacts like it was low, and we have another break. Damir comes out punching as action resumes, but Miller with a nice leg kick and a very stiff body kick. Damir has had his fair share of offense but Miller is controlling the pace and has done a better job stringing together combinations.

Round 3 — Miller working the body with a mixture of kicks, punches and knees. Miller gets another warning from referee Josh Ward. Once again, Damir is staying active but Miller is controlling the pace and landing more shots as a whole. Miller mixing punches to the head and knees to the body now. Both fighters showing signs of fatigue. Final 10 seconds. They clinch up and Miller lands one last knee as the fight ends.

We’ve got a split decision.

Judge 1 scores it 29-28 Ferhatbegovic.

Judge 2 scores it 29-28 Miller.

Judge 3 scores it 29-28… Miller.

WIN: D.J. Miller by split decision to win the Contender Promotions Grand Prix and Contender’s North American Champion